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ESD Simulation

Online ESD Simulation Tools

PESTO℠: Quick, Accurate ESD Simulations Online

The PESTO℠ simulation service provides a simplified online interface to a full-featured hybridized SPICE simulation of basic ESD/EOS protection devices interacting with rudimentary circuit board parasitics and the devices they are intended to protect.

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ESD Scanning

With EMI scanners, a running system's emissions are monitored with a spectrum analyzer and a near field probe and plotted on a 3D visualization grid. This helps compliance engineers analyze and debug shielding and RF emissions problems.

ESD susceptibility scanning essentially works in the reverse manner.

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Current Reconstruction

Current Reconstruction operates effectively on the reverse principle of the ESD susceptibility scanning technique.

With current reconstruction, a system need not be running, nor even operational. In this mode, the scanning probe is used much as it is with EMI scanning, except that an ESD-like current pulse is injected into nodes of interest to identify the path and intensity of the injected energy as it is directed and dissipated throughout the system.

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