Scanned Field Collapse Event Paper at ISTFA 2015

Pragma Design, Microsoft and Cascade Metrology presenting Field Collapse Event paper at ISTFA 2015.

This new technique couples a new cost-effective method for transient aggressor pulse generation with E- and H-field scanning current reconstruction.

Come learn about the insights into ESD analysis it can provide for your ESD robustness and susceptibility challenges!

Near field EMC scanning method based on an E-field collapse method

Monday, November 2, 2015: 1:00 PM
Meeting Room D139 & 140 (Oregon Convention Center)
Mr. Jeffrey C. Dunnihoo, Pragma Design, Inc., Texas
Mr. Pasi Tamminen, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
Mr. Toni Viheriäkoski, Cascade Metrology, Lohja, Finland


In this study we present a novel method to use a field collapse method together with fully automated near field scanning equipment to construct E- and H-field information of a system during transient ESD events. This inexpensive method provides an alternative way for system designers to validate and analyze the EMC/ESD capability of electronic systems without TLP pulsers, ESD simulators, or precision inductive current probes.