Pre-Design Considerations

There are several issues in ESD/EMI Co-Design to consider before beginning the next design:

  1. What are the target robustness/susceptibility limits?  For which Ports/Configurations?
  2. What component data are available?  New revisions?
  3. What previous system data are available or applicable?   Lessons Learned?
  4. What are the signal integrity/performance constraints?
  5. What are the cost constraints?
  6. Schedule limits?   How much time can be spared now preventing, versus later fixing?

Characterizing the above list helps quantify expectations on the performance gamut.


Higher ESD protection may require a restriction on I/O bandwidth, and may add cost.

Higher bandwidth through an I/O port might force a practical limit on robustness or force higher costs.

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Characterizing Relative Performance of ESD Protection

When there is a choice between TVS devices or shielding material, given the same price and delivery, how can a designer gauge the relative robustness performance?

Current Reconstruction can help characterize the in-situ performance of various options head-to-head.

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