About Pragma Design

The word pragma is Greek (πραγμα) for "stuff."   

Pragma℠ Engineering Consulting has been helping engineers design better "stuff" since 1997.

Whether in Consumer Electronics, Computers, Automotive or Aerospace, Pragma℠ Consulting brings a history of Hardware, Software and Firmware design and development experience to new products, and provides expert analysis of problems which arise at every stage of product from prototype through production and into the field.

Electrostatic Discharge, Electrical Overstress and Electromagnetic Compatibility remain critical vulnerabilities across all of these product development lines.

As serial bus interfaces increased performance and process technology advanced, interface protection has become more and more critical and challenging.   Unfortunately, the margin between actual robustness and susceptibility levels and the qualification target levels has remained difficult to characterize.

Even as test equipment vendors and silicon ESD designers have been forced to the cutting edge of ESD/EMI co-design, many system designers have been forced to accrue their own expertise through hard knocks and lessons learned, or worse, learned misleading information from misguided marketing materials!

Pragma bridges that gap to help introduce the latest ESD/EMI scanning technologies and design methodologies to system engineers when they need it most.    Hopefully that's before any problems arise, but also, in a pinch when the line-down disaster recovery is needed most quickly.